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Crabworks is a division of The Crabtree Food Group. Crabworks is one of America's leading family owned small businesses that provides big production capabilities of the highest quality seafood and shelf stable products. We take great pride in our all of our  items along with our innovation for cutting edge Crabworks Brand production and products.


The Crabtree Food Group was founded as a privately held company, Crabworks, in 2003 by two brothers, Eddie and Nick Crabtree. The Crabtree Food Group was established from old-fashioned principles of superior customer service with quality driven seafood and shelf stable products.  Our production facilities maintain the highest standards and quality certifications in the industry. 


Our family business is especially honored to supply our men and women in uniform with our seafood and shelf stable UHT products. We strive on integrity, quality, and unmatched service. We are firm believers in innovation and consistently evolve to better service the marketplace. 

Family Owned and Operated....
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